15 Timeline COVID-19 ops, all with a high-risk profile, 3 year olds.

The Gods have found 735 newly infected people, burned 659-673 Timeline

all with a history of previous exposure and travel to dangerous places.

Today (28 January 64) the Bangkok Public Relations Office revealed 15 more time lines for COVID-19 infection.

While counting to this day (28 January 64) Bangkok has found 735 newly infected people and 64 (727 people) from

the infectious disease investigation.Meet the Admit hospital in

the area, 153 of them, and the people in the area, 574 of them.

Infection in the country is mostly due to contact with family or workplace patients, visits to entertainment/community facilities

and market and community aggressive tests.

Timeline, 658 down, today there’s Timeline, an infected person in the department, who’s been interrogating 15 more.

15 Timeline details below.

However, the reporting of a medical investigation will report non-reference to a person before consent is obtained from

the owner, according to Section 10 of the 2558 P.D.

What’s interesting today is that there’s a famous coffee shop employee and a 3-year-old boy in there. All with a history of exposure to previous infections and travel to a location of…Swing.

8th grade, 64th grade.

Nine millimeters, 64.

10.64 meters.

Eleven to fourteen.C-64

15th grade, 64.

16th grade, 64.

17th grade, 64.

18th grade, 64.

19 A.M., 64.

In the morning, y.Fireforn.The Igor over there.Climbing. Clan County.Y

travel bythe part of a part car.Body

Afternoon.I’m alive.Stay, Clark County.I’morning.

3:30 p.m. Go.A friend’s house. (Recognized)She’s a patient.[Confirmed]

Choi is weak. 39 by car.Private place.

In the morning.At home.Dude, Choi.Nude 39.

at noon To dinner.Close quarters.a friend’s houseI can’t.)

travel bythe part of a part car.Body

In the evening.I’m alive.Stay, Clark County.I’morning.

All day long.Work, taste.Tarbuck, man.Exchanges.War.

travel byBicycles.Private place.

All day. Ah.live inResting the canal.Peach.

6:00 p.m. Go.Buying that stuff. 7-11 in line. the edge of a lion’s grove the Channel District

7:00 p.m. Go.- Mcco. – Oh.Noush by car.private motorbikeW.

22:00, go.Buying that stuff. 7-11 in line.the edge of a lion’s grove the Channel District

9:30 p.m. Go.- Macro. – Yeah.Onush, walk.She was riding a bicyclePersonal.

All day. Ah.live inResting the canal.Peach.

In the morning, y.& Activate Bythe bicyclePersonal.

In the evening.Give it to me.My dear friend.Skate, Rama 4.

And giraffe.get a motorbikeCycle, by car.private motorbikeW.

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