Arresting 111 Thai nationals, a party on the island, risking COVID 19 rape.

Arresting Suvvvinn PD, happy to announce that the National Police Commander, who is responsible for the arrest of 111 Thai nationals, has joined a risk party for 19 years after police raided the provincial capital, has been informed that the restaurant of one of Pangan Island’s most famous restaurants has been hosting a five-year anniversary dinner party at the Kinka Restaurant.El to foreign and Thai customers who are at risk of the spread of the Covid virus.

Arresting 111 co-workers were arrested, 89 foreigners, and 20 Thais had a 40-year-old conservator and supplier

and a 47-year-old cousin, who served clients in alcohol and beverage distribution.

First, the authorities have charged all 109 Thai and foreign clients

with organizing a gathering of people at risk of the spread of the COVID 19 virus in the area of the announcement

and there are orders in the area of control, the high surveillance area, or the surveillance area.

Mr. Pang and his family were prosecuted for holding a rally of people at risk of the outbreak of COVID 19 in

the public area and had orders in the control area to open a restaurant

by providing domestic alcoholic beverages and drinks and setting up a joint service without the permission of the staff.Chin.

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