Covid-19 infected in Thailand since the outbreak, January 31, 2564.

The spread of the Corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) has caused concern to the whole world, including Thailand, where the number of infections is on the rise every day and not limited to Bangkok and the provinces, but spread across the country by the Center for Disease Control 201.COVID-19. Infectious people traveling from abroad and entering all seven state-provided quarantine sites are 91 infected in all countries and 731 infected by community-based aggressive searches.

Dr. COVID-19 announced today that he has found 829 more infected people, including 18,782 infected people.

Twenty-two Timeline agents, six department store employees– three-year-olds.

The Sharing Quid party found 14 people infected in this group.

Thailand now has 18,782 people infected, 16,323 infected and 2,459 foreign travelers, 11,615 cured and 77 dead.

Today, the vice president reported on the new COVID-19 situation in Thailand, with 14,545 patients confirmed, 7,675 sick and 17 dead.

Update of situation, Quid-19 in Quid-19.

31st grade, 64, 11.30 a.m.

829 new patients.

91 domestic infections.

731 aggressive filters.

travel abroad

Seven State Quarantines.

No State Quarantine.

The number of patients confirmed the collection.

be infected in the country

travel abroad




& Add – List


16,323 people.

2,459 people.

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