“Feminist Unleashed” for the abortion law. Go ahead. Cancel it.

“Feminist Unleashed”  freed the senator from prison by putting pressure on the senator to amend the abortion law

“Feminist Unleashed” demanding the abolition of abortion charges, campaigning against abortion for no more than 12 weeks.

At 4:00 p.m. on the 25 January 2564 in front of the parliament building, the feminist group was liberated and the network was composed of a group of people who had been killed in a car accident. International Abortion Fund and Trust fund.AAF

gather in front of the Parliament building to demonstrate a symbolic gesture of mourning for the new abortion law during the Senate meeting on the same day (25 January 2564)

By the “Feminist Unleashed” , they perform “The Woman on Abortion” and dance

“The Abortion Against Fire” before collectively writing a banner to cancel Section 301

which allows a woman with an uncle to have an abortion.A pregnancy is not more than 12 weeks old, aborted

but if an abortion is more than 12 weeks old, a maximum sentence of six months

or a fine of not more than 10,000 baht, or a fine.

After that, the feminists gave a speech and read an abortive statement that over 37,000 members of the network had joined forces to cancel Section 301 and Section 305 of the change.org website

with a strong opposition to the definition of abortion only for women of 12 weeks or less. Also

they want the agency or the authorities to review themselves, because even if the law is passed

the network will move forward. To demand the repeal of Section 301 below and to bring the punishment for abortion out of the criminal law because, in the past

the network and the physician who diagnoses abortion have never been involved in the legislation.

“Though there is little hope, let’s ask the Senate to renew this law fairly

because this country should not have a criminal law against abortion women

and think that the Senate will not amend anything because of a government warrant.” The representative of the feminist group waived his speech before issuing a statement to the representative of the next Senate secretariat.

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