Five thai democracy! The Economist! the score of the government’s performance

The Economist Intelligence Unit published the democratic index of every country in the world this past week, found that thai democracy in 2563 was down to five times the previous year at 73 or at the end of the “democracy with flaws” group, or almost to the point of falling.

The full 10 tie points were 6.04 points, and if the score is divided into different sides, then the bottom line is that Thailand’s performance is only 5.00 points, and the top line is the electoral process and diversity at 7.00 points.

Singapore ranks 74th, down from thai by 0.01 points or 6.03 points.

A completely undemocratic Asian.

If you look only at countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the best.The 39th in the world, 7.1.Nine points followed by Morleste, 44th at 7.06 and the Philippines, 55th at 6.65 points, but no country is in a complete democracy.

There are only three Asian countries and territories in full democracy: Taiwan, the 11th largest in the world, Japan, the 21st and South Korea, the 23rd.

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