“General” Confidently, the war was fought after it was cleared. The party.

“General.” Confident after clearing the party’s mind, passing a clean slate.

Prime Minister, Department of Education, and…As vice-chairman of the People’s Party, I would like to say that in the last two days of the unreliable trial of the ruling party, the working together party effectively understood each other in the information prepared for this debate, ensuring that the government would answer any doubts, concerns, and suspicions of the opposition.I’m confident. It is the duty of each ministry to answer such questions, given that each ministry sees the problem or has doubts from the public.

The General also said that there was no concern about the vote, which is…Yesterday (13th of July) there was another conversation after the meal, clearing up some of the misunderstandings that were a little confusing and confused. It is customary before a mistrustful debate, and in order to have confidence in the government’s minister and chief executive, it is a matter of clear mind and understanding, and of clear-headedness in the matter of sending candidates to the governor of Bangkok, so as not to cause any rift between the parties.

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