Government advertisers are making it possible for the mayor to increase

Government advertisers are making it possible for the minister to increase public communication through the TikTok application while the reporter reports that the minister is preparing the first tape of TikTok on Chinese New Year’s.

The Archpriest’s Office spokesman, Mr. Minister, mentioned the possibility that M.O.D. Chandra, the Minister and the Minister of Defense would add a new channel of communication.The message to the public through the TikTok application is probably not yet, but right now, the minister is trying to communicate through more channels than is currently the case.

For the TikTok application, it’s possible that if you want to see the platform as a whole, TikTok is a different direction, and the last few vice-presidents of the office are also interested.The prime minister did it.

Most recently, a government press source confirmed that the Prime Minister will be communicating via the TikTok application for the first time in Chinese history.

In addition, the Prime Minister will have more communication via PodCast to present to the newsroom and the Thai radio station.

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