Private tutor’s got a boy next to me half-headed, people. Necklace

Private tutor put a boy next to me half-headed, half-brained, child-complainant, teacher called his parents to get him to quit.

On the 12th of April, a pagebook called the Thai School Hair Bar Association posted a photo of a male student.She was by my side with a message.

“Private schoolteacher in the Black Forest near me, a student who was so unbalanced, the student posted a request through Facebook.Personally, I called to tell my parents to quit school.

The one who should resign is the teacher, not the student! You should follow the rules of the principal’s education. You should be disciplined!”

After such a publicity, the social world has come out with many opinions and criticisms about the actions of teachers, most of whom disagree with the violation of human rights and consider it excessive, because from this picture, the child is lying in the middle of his head with his head covered in hideous hair.Ask questions about the ethics of teaching.

an opinion on the matter

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