Second-graders get kicked out of school after confessing their love to their friends.

Mrs. Delaney Shelton, Olsso’s mother in Oklahoma, revealed that her eight-year-old daughter, a sophomore, was fired by Regeyce Christian Second for confessing her love to another female student.

(COLE) Says the vice principal told her to sit down and say that the Bible says that she can only marry a man and that she will have children with a man,”

“My daughter cried and asked the vice principal if God would love me like this.”

This mother also revealed that the school said that they had to fire because

they didn’t encourage students to have boyfriends, but when they read in their textbooks

they didn’t find out if they were in love at school.Sorry about the firing.

“The vice principal asked me how I felt about women liking women

so I said I’m okay with women liking women, her vice principal being shocked and heartbroken,”

Mrs. Shelton goes on to say that raising you not to judge others, but to love everyone you want.

Still, what Mrs. Shelton is worried about is her daughter being taken away from her friends and teachers who she’s known for years, which Dr. Coley may not be old enough to know or understand.

Fox23 news agency in the United States interviewed

Dr. Cole, who said she felt sorry, angry, and disappointed when she was fired

but after knowing that a lot of people were sending her support, one could feel love.And I want to thank everyone for helping me and making me feel better about myself.

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