The woods collect evidence. “Uncle General” saws my armor. Keep an eye out.

“Uncle General” In the event that YouTube broadcasts live footage of a general, a visionary, or an “uncle” while cutting down four trees on November 20th, 2563 to fine-tune the site for the future,

the clip shows that the general had used a saw to cut wood by making such a clip binding evidence of a joint offense against the invasion of the reserve forest.

A reporter reported earlier this morning at 10:00 a.m. that an out-of-pattern forest ranger from

the 2nd Precinct came in to check with the remaining measures of the stump

taking photographs of the general condition, along with a search for pieces of wood that had been dumped nearby

some of which had been used for construction work.And the rest of the rest of

the accommodations were put on the side of the street where the boss took a picture. To collect the evidence and prepare to call in those involved who appear on the video within the week.

“Uncle General” Director of the Forest Center, Incredible Forest, revealed today that a forest officer entered the area where the General invaded the forest to gather additional evidence to charge the General with additional Section 11.

Today, to examine the type of tree that has been cut and the type of tree that the general has brought to

the workers’ homes, and then to assess the state’s damage that the general and

the others have done to the forest, if the damage to the soil has been done, then to examine the soil, and then to gather evidence so that the police can blame the general and those who appear in the video to help him.Saw the trees, too.

In addition to the breach of the forest, a text message was posted through the crime victim support page stating

“Do you know who the King Buddha has to ask his brother-in-law, and who has brought

it, how to bring back the background, and have attached the documents on the Ministry of Education’s system of building

the National Monument and imitation of the Buddha?

general brought the frogs.It’s on the list of twenty-five-fifty Buddha with 60 names, and the reverend Buddha in the list. 17, which must see if the general is guilty of the crime under this law.”

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